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Monday, 15 April 2013

The 50 A: An Insect Irredeemable

The 50 A

An Insect Irredeemable

So here's this another 50 A. Luckily for me this week is the Iron Man Week (since Iron Man 3 releases next week) so this 50 A highlights Ant-Man (Eric O'Grady). Ant-Man (not O'Grady but Hank Pym) is rumored to be making a cameo in the after credits scene of the third Iron-Man film, so make sure you don't leave your seats once the movie is over. 

48. Ant-Man (Eric O'Grady)

Alias: SHIELD Agent Eric O'Grady

First Appearance: The Irredeemable Ant-Man Issue.1 (2006) 

Creators: Robert Kirkman and Phil Hester

Relationships: Many but no one particularly liked him

Powers: GI Ant-Man armor allowing him to shrink, grow, communicate with insects and include robotic limbs to control attached jet-pack

Team Affiliations: The Initiative, SHIELD, Damage Control, Thunderbolts and Secret Avengers

Best Alternate Reality Version: None

Current Status: Eric is dead and had been replaced by an LMD (Life Model Decoy) version of himself dubbed The Black Ant

Number: 48. Eric O'Grady was one of those hilarious creations that fit into the messed up Ant-Man family, here was a character more vile, disgusting and outright bad by choice rather than by circumstance like Hank Pym or Scott Lang (the previous Ant-Men). He was interesting and thus past the Marvel Civil War he got his own book through Robert Kirkman and his wicked sense of humor. Short lived but Eric also became the much needed comic in the somber team of Secret Avengers. The story of his that won me over? His team up alongside Hank Pym (now The Wasp) in Ant-Man and The Wasp.

Top Ten Big Moments


10. I lie, I cheat, I steal


Low level SHIELD agent Eric O'Grady has no morals. He is tasked with protecting Hank Pym by his superior Mitch Carson. Carson wishes to impress Pym, since Pym is building an Ant-Man suit for an agent of his choice. 

During an attack by Hydra, Eric prompts fellow agent and best friend Chris McCarthy to wear the suit to protect them but he is shot in the head. Eric takes the suit and uses it to seduce Chris's girlfriend Veronica King, eventually resulting in her pregnancy and Eric abandoning her.-Irredeemable Ant-Man Issue.1-5

9. Damaged Hero


Eric's misdeeds continue, including his use of powers to occasionally witness women in various states of undress. Eventually he falls for Abigail, a colleague of his in the Damage Control company. But soon they have a falling out, Eric tries various ways to avoid SHIELD (after him for stealing the suit and burning Mitch Carson's face during a chase). 

Soon enough at the end of his tribulation Eric confesses his true love to Abigail and promises to be back with her until he has become a better person.-Irredeemable Ant-Man Issue.7-12

8. Initiated 
Eric continues to be a lewd and perverse man. He soon joins Iron Man's registered superheroes Initiative. There he bonds with trainer/mercenary Taskmaster while insulting Ant-Man (Scott Lang) causing the wrath of Cassie Lang and Hank Pym to fall upon him. He also gains valuable counciling in removing/getting over the 'naked Santa' memories of his childhood.-Avengers: The Intiative Issue.8-14

7. One-Inch Coward

Eric hides using his powers once the Skrull Invasion is under way, until he learns that Camp Hammond (the training area of the Initiative) is under attack by Skrulls. He joins the Intiative black-ops unit; The shadow Initiative in assassinating the Skrul Queen Veranke to no avail. 

Eric discovers the Skrull's last resort plan and informs this to the Initiative, he is commended for his work and promoted to the Thunderbolts.-Avengers: The Initiative Issue.15-20

6. Justice Perverse with Lightning...
Eric O'Grady gains moral perception during his time with the Thunderbolts, her does not like the work he is set out to do for Norman Osborn (head of HAMMER, a SHIELD replacement). Paladin advises him against doing anything rash as he believes everything will be back to normal. Through this tenure he saves a captured Luke Cage and also Captain America, noting that Cap owes him a favor. 

 During a part of the infiltration of Asgard to find the mystical Gugnir, Paladin has had enough of serving Osborn and is about to be killed for treason by Grizzly but Ant-Man saves him. As the Mighty Avengers defeat the Thunderbolts, Ant-Man gives Gugnir to Paladin to hide it. He heads off to try re-evaluate his life.-Thunderbolts Vol.1 Issue.128-144

5. Debt Cleared

Owing Ant-Man, Steve Rogers includes him in the Secret Avengers team. Members of the team are wary of Eric but Steve believes that he has the potential to be a good hero and above all a good person. Being a rookie he is pared up with War Machine, who belives he is not worthy of the Ant-Man legacy.-Secret Avengers Vol.1 Issue.1

4. Secret Hero

Attempting to defeat the Shadow Council on their first mission, Ant-Man stumbles on their plan to blow him and his team mates with a bomb. He defeats the Shadow Council and is able to detonate the bomb easily.

Through the series Ant-Man proves himself a resourceful hero who unfortunately will get no credit (the Secret in the Avengers). He also brings a dose of humor to the somber team.-Secret Avengers Vol.1

3. Ant-Man vs. The Wasp

Eric uses his Avenger status as a means of getting ladies, like a super powered James Bond. Abigail discovers his cheating ways, stating that he has become a great superhero but still sucks as a person. Eventually old friend and thieg Black Fox gives him a heads up on evil organization AIM's plans so Eric can team up with former Ant-Man Hank Pym to take them down, allowing Eric to get friendlier with a pissed off Pym. 

His excursions with the Avengers Academy students and teacher Tygra lead to trouble with Pym. Pym reveals that Black Fox used Eric so he could get a thief to steal a valuable item from Pym. Eric decides to team with Pym (who is currently The Wasp) to get the stolen object back.-Ant-Man and The Wasp Mini-Series

2. Redeemed


On a mission to defeat Father (the creator of the World Facility), Eric is beaten to death by Father's minions when trying to save a child. Eventually Eric dies a hero, finally redeemed.-Secret Avengers Vol.1 Issue.23

1. Black Sheep Ant of the Family 


Eventually Father creates an LMD of Eric. This version looks to put Father's plan to work as the villainous Black Ant. Eventually Father is defeated and his plan for machines/robots to rule the world is put to rest.-Secret Avengers Vol.1 Issue.25-37

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