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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Man of Steel: Not A Big Fan Of The S Man

Not A Big Fan of The S Man

There's still 8 days left to the most hotly anticipated movie of the year, and I'm practically losing my mind!!!

Man of Steel looks so freaking awesome, don't believe me?! Then check this;

Right! I cannot believe how I excited I am for this movie. If Dark Knight began the peak of comic book movies then Man of Steel could forever change the sub-genre.

Man of Steel if it gains the critical acclaim and commercial success could become the movie that not only defines Superman and CBM's, but also makes any other comic book movie redundant (let's face it Comic Book Movies are a phase like Cheesy Action Blockbusters). 

With the possible slow burning extinction of Superhero movies, why am I still excited? 

I've never been a...Superman fan!!!

Yes, I have never been a Superman fan. Man of Steel is the first time I have ever had anything remotely interesting to feel about the big daddy of superheroes.

I barely read any Superman comics. I have yet too watch the first two Richard Donner classics and I definitely was neither excited by and went half way to sleep through Superman Returns. The closest I have ever felt too liking the Man of Steel was in the Superman Animated series (which I watched to get through half an hour before watching Batman:TAS) and the Justice League Animated series (because it's the Justice League!).

It's not because Superman is a big blue boyscout and frankly at times a very bland character. In fact I support bland and too noble characters like Obi-Wan Kenobi being one of my favorite characters in the Star Wars Universe and the only reason I can still go through the prequels.

It isn't because most of Superman's best comics are graphic novels that are partially out of continuity or aren't based around his ongoing comics line. Don't believe me, then check out my post on that. I even like Batman who until Grant Morrison didn't have a definite long run, but had graphic novels (Killing Joke and Dark Knight Returns) that actually defined the character.

On a side not; Even Year One is a kind of a graphic novel, since Frank Miller's four issues on regular Batman cannot count as a run.

I don't know what it is, but Superman just never resonated with me.

If MoS doesn't work, we don't get this on the big screen?

That's why Man of Steel is so important. It could be a make or break deal for me to decide whether Superman is a character I want to want to follow extensively.

In all honesty, I have read Superman books (through suspect means) but I have never thought if I would really buy a collection of Superman comics and show it off.

Still come June 14th, I will be on the hopefully large (but not too large that I don't get a ticket) queue to purchase a ticket to witness cinematic history.

Till then we can enjoy those 2-3 hours, that day, the whole fact this whole Month from today because I would like you to be a part of The Comic Caper's...


P.S.: I would like to dedicate post to my good friend and flatmate Burhan 'Suction-Man' (inside joke) Hakimjee, who is the biggest non-comic reading Superman fan I have ever known.

'Nuff Said

Aneesh Raikundalia

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